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Common Ground: reflections and learnings

Associate Director Rhianna Ilube reflects on her time making games with teenagers on heritage sites across the East of England.

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Playful Activism, game mechanics and participation

Arts education researchers and friends of Coney Elvira Crois and Free De Backer write on Coney’s practice of social change through play.

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Poster for 'The Tower Hamlets Six'.

The Tower Hamlets Six

Announcing the Tower Hamlets Six, a network of six brilliant local primary schools we’ll be working closely with for the next year.

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Photograph of a man drawing on a large piece of paper with wooden blocks in front of him.

Bridging Youth Work and The Arts

Reflecting on three days in Belgium, full of practice exchange between artists making participatory work for, by, and with young people from Belgium, France, Denmark and the UK.

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A poster for 'The Young Coney's School for Grown Ups'.

Look Mum! I Made a Show on Zoom – Anne Langford writes

Young Coney facilitator Anne Langford writes on her experiences with the Young Coneys over during the pandemic, including creating the Young Coneys School for Grown Ups totally online.

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Screenshot from the video 'The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 7'.

The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 7 (the last one!)

We are thrilled to release Episode 7 – the last episode of this season of the Young Coneys News Network. As it’s our last episode, our “roaming reporters” have made sure we’re going out with a bang.

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Screenshot from the video 'The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 1'.

The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 1

The Young Coneys have been hard at work in their homes, in order to bring you some good news stories and hard-hitting interviews with household objects.

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Photograph of children crowded round a large red gift wrapped box.

The Young Coneys: Codename Newbee

We wanted to share the story of a particularly lovely project the Young Coneys took on recently: Codename Newbee.

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Photograph of a group of children grounded round a laptop on the floor.

The Young Coneys – the next step

Across the Autumn, we’ve been working on some new developments for the Young Coneys, our resident group of young change-makers – and we’re really excited to share them with you. Thanks to funding from the Backstage Trust and generous individuals,…

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