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Posted on August 24th, 2018

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There’s nothing we like better at Coney than meeting new people and making things together – which is what’s so brilliant about our Network.

The Network of Coney is a group of artists, makers, creative types and people who like what we do. They are part of Coney, and a Network between themselves, with new connections and future creative partnerships being formed all the time at events like Playtests, Scratches, Salons and Exchanges.

With over 500 members of our Network there are a lot of people to meet – and we’d like to introduce you to a some of our many and varied Network members. Read on to find out a few things about each of the brilliant people who came to our July Exchange at Theatre Deli – The Old Library, and what they took away from the Exchange.


Occupation: Community Arts Practitioner, artist, and Educational Theatre PhD Student”

Talents: Singing in musical theatre and reading voraciously”

Takeaway from the ExchangeJust how delightful it is to interact/collaborate briefly with fellow people interested in this kind of work (and how useful it is to engage in these kinds of conversations)”

A tip: Musical theatre singing is much closer to speaking than you might expect. When we sing we often change our physicality to imitate what we see – but you should focus on your voice resonating and work outwards from that


Occupation: Producer, Actor & Playmaker”

Talents: Talking about theatre, and enjoying long-haul flights”

Takeaway from the Exchange: Thoughts about the connections in play, the evolution of themes and the ability to build complexity over time and with deeper connections”

A tip: If you’re feeling frustrated on a plane, remember you are already travelling as fast as it’s possible to travel – you are being productive!


Occupation: Student studying Acting: Stage Combat”

Talents: Directing immersive theatre, and performing stage combat”

Takeaway from the Exchange: Exploring the idea of how far you can push the audience, and when it is too far”

A tip: In stage combat, forget the choreography and just try to ‘kill’ the other person. If you go for emotion and character, the rest will follow


Occupation: Aerial artist and miniaturist”

Talents: Aerial performance, and making houses for borrowers”

Takeaway from the Exchange: Test things out as soon as you can, don’t leave them lying around in your head too long”

A tip: Always have a glue gun on hand


Occupation: Physics PhD writer, sometimes fun writer”

Talents: Singing in a choir, and bouldering”

Takeaway from the Exchange: I take away that preparation for how to best get responses to real questions is ideal. Also that interactive theatre is so much bigger than I thought it was!”

A tip: When bouldering, always make sure there are three points of contact between you and the wall

We’re holding another Exchange on Sunday 30th September, 12.30-5pm, so if you fancy getting to know some like-minded artists and makers, come along! Sign up for the Network here and give us a knock if you’d like to come to the Exchange.

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