Starting REMOTE: playing scale, The Stanley Parable, and an idea in the shower

Question Everything

Question Everything

[Tassos Stevens writes…] I was invited to make a provocation for Question Everything, an event curated by Index on Censorship and hosted… Read more »

a manifesto about manifestos

Writing for adventures

"an exchange of good gifts between strangers"

Middle Days of our better nation

A Salon on playing theatre at Camden People's Theatre

Kensington Palace: a happy marriage of arts and heritage ambition

What's gained and what's lost when people get to their feet in interactive theatre?

SuperMe, Truth Specs, an award

SuperMe, Truth Specs, an award

Looking back over recent months there are a few projects we’ve meant to write about, but busyness has precluded those posts at the best of times. So here’s one post looking back at two related projects, both collaborations with Somethin’ Else in c…