Alongside our core programme, Coney works with clients and partners across sectors to deliver bespoke experiences: performances, games, workshops and more.

Our work ranges in scale, content, form and impact, holding the playful and dynamic nature of gaming at its core.


We create original games, interactive experiences and participatory performances in response to specific briefs.

Recent commissions include the Natural History Museum, National Archives, Financial Times, Wellcome Trust, Imperial War Museums and The National Trust.

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Fusion Urban Games Festival; photographer: Rosina Pencheva / studio PUNKT


We build and deliver unique workshops and games to help companies solve their business challenges interactively.

Using games as simulators for decision-making, we help businesses break down complex topics and deliver understanding through play.

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Adventure Gifts

With the help of one of our more playfully mysterious associates, Coney can make adventure-gifts for you or for someone close to you.

These are gifts which are adventures taking place in the life of the recipient, completely bespoke for them, and played by them and friends and family. Gifts can be made to reflect or facilitate positive life changes, inspired by our social impact practice.

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Some of our previous partners