Coney placements and COVID-19
Unfortunately, due to current government advice to avoid all but essential social contact due to COVID-19, the Coney team will be working remotely as far as possible for the time being. Due to this, and the energy Coney needs to put behind sustaining the health of the company and its artists at this time, we aren’t able to host or schedule any placements at the moment. However, we’d love to help answer your questions and give you some insights into Coney’s work in another way. If you’d like to chat to a member of the team, or have questions about what we do, please give us a knock any time. 

Are you interested in a completing a placement at Coney? We’d love to hear from you. We strive the make the company as open, accessible and available as possible for engagement and learning.

Coney values people and takes the use of their time and skills very seriously. We are committed to the role we play in building a positive ecosystem of arts opportunities and offering opportunities that are mutually beneficial and fair to the person.

This means we aren’t able to offer unpaid internships or volunteer roles. However, we are sometimes able to host placements as part of an educational course, scheme or secondment.

Placements at Coney are about learning, and are shaped around each individual’s needs and superpowers, as well as Coney’s programme schedule. This means each one is a little bit different – see below for a few examples of recent placements.

If you need to complete a placement as part of a course or programme (or if you aren’t quite sure whether that’s you), and are curious about Coney, please fill out and send an Enquiry Form to This gives us a chance to learn more about you and what you’re looking for. Please send us a completed Equal Opportunities Monitoring form at the same time – this will be processed separately from your application.

Once we receive your completed form, we’ll explore the possibilities and will usually get back to you about next steps within 3 weeks. Even if we aren’t able to offer you a placement on this occasion, we’ll find a way of giving you some insights into behind-the-scenes Coney.

If you represent an educational institution or another organisation and are looking for placement hosts, drop us an email to start a conversation.

Placements we’ve hosted recently

Lorraine completed a placement with Coney as Administration Associate as part of the DMU Graduate Champions internship scheme. Find out more about Lorraine here.

Hosanna joined us from Arts Emergency for one week’s Admin Placement, working with the HQ team in the lead-up to A Night of Coney. Hosanna is now a Technical Theatre Apprentice at the Royal Opera House. Read her blog about her time at Coney here.

Janet joined Coney as Production Placement on select days across Summer 2019, researching for an MA at Middlesex University. Janet worked across our commissioned projects and with the Young Coneys – read more about their time with us here

Fengfan spent a month at HQ as Admin Placement, working with the HQ team and the Young Coneys as part of her Theatre Production course at the University of West London. Read Fengfan’s blog here.

Tom completed a four-month secondment at Coney as part of the Clore Leadership Fellowship 2018-19, working on projects including Somewhere Pieces. Read more about Tom’s time with us here.