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from The Coney Doctor

I’m Tassos Stevens, a psychologist, storyteller, and playmaker sparking change, as well as director of Coney, with over 25 years of experience in the creative and social change sectors. I’m writing a Playbook of stories and play to spark change, and sharing pieces to play for positive impact.

As the Coney Doctor, I offer short courses of playful coaching, running for 1-2 weeks and comprising:

  • a 30-minute scoping and goal-setting call followed by a sequence of daily prompts via playful comms for you to play and reflect.
  • a 30-culmination call to help reflection and setting future direction.

I can help you:

  • past a creative block or any other storm in your life
  • integrate more creativity into your daily practice
  • find direction and strategy for an uncertain future
  • identify and embed small actionable changes in your daily practice
  • build a project.

Short courses are paid for by a means-tested donation to Coney’s charitable programme.

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“Building and nurturing a creative practice is a delicate act. It balances discipline and focus with the need to be open to serendipity and the music of chance. Great coaches – of any variety – reawaken the joy you discovered when you first started playing your game. Tassos’ approach to coaching is, in all senses of the word, playful. He helped me lay the foundation for creative habits that feel organic and sustainable.”

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