The Future Council

A group of young people are presenting on the red-carpeted stage of Guildhall's Great Hall. They are holding up a poster that reads: A poster that reads: 'The Future Charter. A group of 12-20 year-olds, friendly salute the City of London Corporation. And we declare that we want you to do everything that you can to create the best possible future for the 12-year-olds of today, and of the future. Keep us in mind as you make your mark on today. Your decisions today create the future of tomorrow.'

Imagine the City of London in 2047…

…what could it look like if we took all the right steps to combat the climate crisis?

Made by young people and Coney with the City of London Corporation, The Future Council was presented as part of The Golden Key in October 2022. Recruited from boroughs neighbouring the City of London, 11 young people aged 12-17 played themselves as members of the Future Council of the City of London in 2047.

Two young facilitators presented the event, which took place in Guildhall’s majestic Great Hall. Acting as a bridge between the audience and the 2047 council members, the presenters explained to the 2022 audience the role of the City of London Corporation and the agency and influence it has in various systems. The audience, as ‘the grown-ups in the Great Hall’, were finally asked to vote on proposals for actions that could be taken then and there in 2022, towards a positive climate future.

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