The Pop-Up Playhouse

Pink & Green Purple Shape
Pink & Purple Shape
The slanted Pop-Up Playhouse logo against a purple background

We’d like to invite you…

…into our newly revamped Pop-Up Playhouse! First launched in April 2020, The Pop-Up Playhouse is our virtual home for a diverse and exciting range of games and playful experiences made by Coney and friends.

Inside, you’ll find a selection of pieces to play right where you are, as well as upcoming live events in the Pop-Up Playhouse Bar. Whatever your age, whether you’re looking to experience something alone or with friends, there’ll be something for you.

What’s it all about?

The Pop-Up Playhouse was first launched in April 2020 at the height of the pandemic, but the ideas underpinning it date back much farther than that.

Even before the pandemic hit, here at Coney HQ we were pondering on how to get out of theatre buildings and meet people exactly where they are. We believe that everyone should be able to access art and play. Pieces currently live on the Playhouse include After Life Experience, a solo meditative piece about memory made in collaboration with National Theatre and Headlong; The Wager, a group game about risk and consequence; and High School Time Traveller, a solo player game made for Chester Zoo, all about sustainable palm oil. As well as what’s currently available, more games and playful experiences will go live on The Pop-Up Playhouse at regular intervals.

Also on The Pop-Up Playhouse, you can find details of Coney’s upcoming events in the The Pop-Up Playhouse Bar – what, when, where, and how to book. We’re so excited to invite you to performances of A Magic Trick and new game The Hidden. We believe there’s something magic in bringing people together, who couldn’t normally be in a room together, don’t you?

Play is always free, but you’ll be invited to make a pay-what-you-choose donation. All donations big and small help Coney to continue making play in new and meaningful ways. Contributions are always voluntary, but if you enjoy what we’re offering on The Pop-Up Playhouse, we’d love to welcome you on our mission to spark change through play. Click here to learn more about what your support could mean to us.

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