Photo by Lucy Hunter

What do you do in your Coney hat?

I’m an Associate Director at Coney with a special focus on our Playful
Heritage programme. I work and consult on a range of different
projects at Coney, but have a particular interest in how we can use
games and interactive narratives to bring heritage sites to life for
different audiences. This could look like: taking over a 3000 year-old
Bronze Age site with a group of teenage artists, or helping public
archives figure out how to make their materials more accessible and
engaging; or dreaming up ideas on how to explore Britain’s colonial
past through interactive media.

What other hats do you wear?

I describe myself as a playwright, facilitator and event curator. I started my career in the activist-youth NGO sector, working for UNICEF, Restless Development, The Advocacy Academy, Campaign Bootcamp and more. Then in 2018 I took an evening scriptwriting course and got completely hooked! I did an MA in Writing for Performance & Dramaturgy at Goldsmiths, and have since taken part in playwriting groups at the Royal Court and Oxford Playhouse. I’m working on a few plays at the moment – so laptop-friendly cafe recommendations in London are always welcome.

What excites you most about Coney?

I often read through the bios of our Associate Artists and get really excited about all the possible creative collaborations we could create through our network at Coney.

What’s your favourite game?

Extreme Rock Paper Scissors. It needs a large group and about three minutes to play. Essentially, you end up with two huge groups screaming and cheering in an epic final rock/paper/scissors battle. I love how this game never lets me down as a facilitator – it creates such an energetic, competitive and uninhibited atmosphere every time I play it!

Website:  Twitter: @rhianna_ilube