REMOTE – The Last Leg!

REMOTE production shots

REMOTE reviews round-up

REMOTE reviews round-up

Image: Richard Lakos Featured in Lyn Gardners Top Tickets, REMOTE is now in it’s final week at Camden People’s Theatre, the reviews… Read more »

The version of REMOTE which takes place in West Euston

Gaming as research, worlds within worlds, and the REMOTE rehearsal process: Thoughts from Assistant Director Rei

Rewards for REMOTE: a game of unreliable algorithms, a little adventure

Dramaturgy over-easy: influences on REMOTE (and good eggs)

Sketching and scratching: the process of making REMOTE

Starting REMOTE: playing scale, The Stanley Parable, and an idea in the shower

Codename: REMOTE

Codename: REMOTE

November 2014 Here’s Dennis. He’s here to pitch you a system for the theatre of the future, all about giving you choice…. Read more »