What do you do in your Coney hat?

I have at least two hats – one as director of Coney HQ and one as a maker sometimes on projects. I’m quite good at a lot of things as a maker rather than brilliant at one thing, but most distinctively useful as an interactive dramaturg and learning fast about developing better impact frameworks. 

What other hats do you wear?

I sometimes make work as a storyteller – Telephone made for Coney is also part of this practice – and as a game designer, part of the team making the old iPhone hit Papa Sangre. And I teach regularly. Other/past hats include a chef, an undercover researcher, a secret agent trainer, and a PhD in Psychology. 

What excites you most about Coney?

I’m really driven by figuring out just how play sparks change. I’m most often moved by the surprising and brilliant things that playing audiences do, and I’m constantly excited by the chance to learn from the amazing array of colleagues and collaborators who make up the wider family of Coney.

Are rules made to be followed?

Rules are made to be played well with, sometimes following, sometimes bending or breaking as long as that makes it play better (for everyone).

What’s something few people know about you?

That I might have been in a Batman film.

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