Coney is guided by principles of Curiosity, Adventure and Loveliness, each originally identified through reflection on the company’s past practice, and still at its heart today.

Curiosity drives audiences to engage and learn and guides Coney’s natural desire to discover and share knowledge from the world around us. Everything is interesting if you can find the right way to look at it and Coney aims to work as a lens through which to see the world and to find beautiful, interesting ways to explore complex ideas.

Through Adventure, we create worlds and situations that encourage people to step outside the everyday and act in extraordinary, often courageous ways. Adventure means excitement and uncertainty or surprise about what might happen next, and offers experiences with the power to transform and remain in your memory for years to come.

 encourages attention and consideration in the way we create work and run our business. It is the source of Coney’s responsive approach – to be aware and react to a given situation, not to assume precedent always stands, and to take care of the contributions of others. Loveliness doesn’t mean our work can’t be dark or challenging, but that we take care to bring audiences back to the light and create experiences that feel like gifts.