What we do

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Our programmes

We make projects for wherever people meet, reaching our audience where they are. Our work ranges from immersive theatre in heritage sites, to smartphone adventures in the streets of a neighbourhood, or playful workshops in schools, offices or community venues.

Always offering people the choice of taking a meaningful part, our work covers six main areas:

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Playful Heritage

Co-creating interactive experiences with partners and local communities to bring archives, museums, heritage sites and complex histories to life through play.

Illustration of children and one adult playing with a typewriter and other objects.

Young People & Families

Play made for, by and with young people in and out of school, harnessing their creativity and empowering them to effect change in their communities.

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Coney at Work

Support for businesses and organisations to spark positive change in their workplace, offering bespoke consultancy on making play for impact.

Towns, Boroughs & Neighbourhoods

Site-specific play made for, by and with the people of a place, together with local partnerships.

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Play Everywhere

Innovative formats of interactive play to reach public audiences wherever they are.

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Sharing and developing our distinctive practice with makers, academics and wider networks through exchanges, mentoring, teaching and research.

Project Directory

Take a look through a selection of our favourite Coney projects.

Ends & Tales

A series of immersive smartphone adventures on foot, inspired by the untold stories and histories around us. In collaboration with Tamasha.


A storytelling game exploring our relationship with nature, played in teams over Zoom or in person.

Common Ground: Playtest

A Norfolk & Norwich Festival 250 Project connecting young people with their local heritage through the arts.

How We Save The World

A compelling adventure through the past, prompting decisions about how we save the world from the effects of climate change. In collaboration with NERC.