Coney at Work

Play Change

About the programme

Support for businesses and organisations to spark positive change in their workplace, offering bespoke consultancy on making play for impact.

Coney at Work, in its mission of sparking change through play, is designed to be smart, meaningful, and fun.

We work with organisations across sectors, from creative industries (Natural History Museum, Channel 4 Education) to NGOs (Teenage Cancer Trust, Child Rights International Network), public organisations (UKRI, Wandsworth Probation Services) or the private sector (Financial Times, Deloitte). Coney at Work is genuinely playful, genuinely impactful, and drives positive change in the workplace at both a team and an individual level.

We create games and workshops which incorporate creativity and technology, embedding a resonant gameplay and reflection process for a variety of contexts and impacts. We have expertise in integrating all kinds of change-making – from resilience psychology to activist training, therapeutic practice to systems modelling – into our play-making.

When working, we take stock of a business or workplace, assessing both the need and the context. From these findings, unique to each workplace, we develop gameplay. So far, we have made play for workplaces around themes including bonding a team with its mission; making scientific research accessible to diverse audiences; responding well to future uncertainty and crisis; the practice of neighbourhood and community… and whatever else is most relevant to individuals, communities, and organisations.

Featured projects

The Magic Trick

A gentle yet impactful piece of play and reflection that might help magic a small positive change into your life – or at least have fun trying.

A slide from Coney and UKRI’s presentation at the COP26, with various 'steps' to reaching a Net Zero future.

We’re Dreaming of a Net Zero Future

A piece of innovative facilitation as part of one of UKRI’s presentations at the COP26 climate conference.