William Drew is a freelance writer and narrative designer, based in Brighton. He makes interactive work as Venice as a Dolphin, as a Coney Associate and elsewhere. In 2012, Coney gave William the opportunity to play-test the first game he ever made: The Eschaton, inspired by the eponymous fictional game described in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Since then, he has worked as a writer and games designer in many Coney projects including Three futures (and a fortune)Act. Don’t ActYour Connection is Not PrivateThe Green Gold ConspiracyAdventure 1 and FuturePlay, frequently in collaboration with Tassos Stevens.

As Venice as a Dolphin, he is developing The First Time as Tragedy, a piece of co-created theatre interactive theatre that includes love improvisation and world-building techniques inspired by tabletop roleplaying games. He regularly collaborates with Fire Hazard Games, writing the scripts for Jekyll/Hyde and The Circus. He is also Associate Dramaturg of New Perspectives in Nottingham.

www.williamdrew.work |@WJDDrew