William Drew is a freelance writer and narrative designer, based in Brighton. He makes interactive work as Venice as a Dolphin, as a Coney Associate and elsewhere. In 2012, Coney gave William the opportunity to play-test the first game he ever made: The Eschaton, inspired by the eponymous fictional game described in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Since then, he has worked as a writer and games designer on many Coney projects including Three futures (and a fortune), Act. Don’t Act, Your Connection is Not Private, The Green Gold Conspiracy, Adventure 1 and FuturePlay, frequently in collaboration with Tassos Stevens.

He co-created the scripted fiction podcast The People Outside and has co-written every episode of the first series with Laura McGrady. His script Hungry Like was selected to be part of the Papatango’s Isolated but Open and is available here performed by Rosie Day. It was published by Nick Hern Books. 
As Venice as a Dolphin, he is developing The First Time as Tragedy, a piece of co-created theatre interactive theatre that includes love improvisation and world-building techniques inspired by tabletop roleplaying games. He was a regular collaborator with Fire Hazard Games, writing the scripts for Jekyll/Hyde and The Circus. He is Associate Dramaturg of New Perspectives in Nottingham.
He has written extensively about theatre and videogames and, recently, horror films.

www.williamdrew.work |@WJDDrew