The Young Coneys make projects for others to play. We’ve already made quite a few things together, and there’s plenty more in the works – keep an eye over on our blog to hear about new projects as they happen. Here are some of the Young Coneys’ past projects:

Endangered Friends

The Young Coneys were invited to create a piece for Smithfield Street Party: A Beastly Adventure, and they chose to create Endangered Friends – talking to attendees about the animals of our world. They created puppets with designer Maia Kirkman Richards, and then paraded them at the festival to spark a conversation about animal extinction.

The Young Coneys Fly The Flag

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, artist Ai Weiwei created a flag to celebrate universal human rights. And in response to the Fly The Flag initiative, the Young Coneys lent their voices by creating their own unique kites to celebrate this special anniversary.

Codename: Violet

On 27th November the Young Coneys held the car industry to account about diesel, in Codename: Violet, a secret project with Greenpeace. Read the Evening Standard’s article about the project here.

Taking on the role of junior doctors, the Young Coneys created a non-violent action to communicate the impact of diesel on young lungs. They arrived at a car industry gala and offered health checks to the people attending, with lung capacity tests and a giant game of operation.

The Village

The Village is a playable world created by the Young Coneys in workshops, based around the superpowers of each individual. In March 2019, they presented a work-in-progress sharing to the Network of Coney, inviting an audience of adults into a community full of shifting relationships. They were tasked with becoming a police force, preventing an alien invasion – and stopping the moon from crashing into the earth. Read more and see the photos here.

The Droves

The Droves was a Coney project in which a professional immersive theatre show was created by kids, through years of workshops with expert makers. Many of the Droves Young Company continued working with us after the project, forming the very first cohort of Young Coneys.

Find out more in The Story of The Droves, or have a look at the Reviews round-up here. We especially loved the Press responses to The Droves from Exeunt and What’s On Stage because they capture why we wanted to make this show.

Coney Club Night – Designed by Kids

In 2018 the Young Coneys designed a club night for adults, to raise funds for The Droves. It took place at CoLab factory with a lineup of fun curated by kids – including lego, glitter, facepaint, balloons and a bowl of dares by the Young Coneys. See photos from the night here.

Kids Takeover Game

One of the first pieces the Young Coneys made, the Takeover Game challenges you to a quiz, where the correct answers are decided by the young makers… Click the image below to give it a try!

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 14.59.12

Through projects and workshops, the Young Coneys also get the chance to attain Arts Award qualifications.