Coney are a registered charity (no. 1156864), and all our workshops, projects and Magic Postal Service deliveries are completely free for the Young Coneys to participate in. 

At the moment, the cost of running the Young Coneys programme is entirely funded by generous donations from individuals and organisations. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us to create a regular meeting space where the Young Coneys can come together, play and create exceptional new projects for others to enjoy. 

Every donation we receive helps us to sustain this programme, and reach even more brilliant young people. Anything you can give, big or small, helps us in ways beyond imagination.

You can support by becoming a Friend of Coney, or making a one-off donation. If you represent an organisation, or would like to support the Young Coneys in another way, please give us a knock to find out more.  

The Young Coneys programme is supported by