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The Young Coneys is our local youth programme: a free workshop series for Year 5 classes, focusing on youth empowerment and social change, in partnership with primary schools across Tower Hamlets. These are term-long workshop series, comprising of three levels. 

It’s here we share our practice with new generations, building the future voices of Coney, to be heard now.

It makes me feel good because it makes me feel like I have the power to change the world and make things better

A Young Coney

Level 1 – Being a Young Coney

An opportunity for pupils to work with two Coney artists for a fun and engaging workshop in class, exploring their own passions for change and how their artistic skills can be used to have an impact. 

Level 2 – Introduction to Changing the World

Four after-school sessions focusing on introducing pupils to change-making and upskilling them through play. They develop the skills to be a Young Coney, focusing on Identity, Agency, Imagination, Compassion & Resilience. 

Level 3 – Look Global, Act Local

Creative workshops looking at global events, and how these relate to changes pupils can influence in their local community. The programme culminates in a playful activism themed project made for the local community in Tower Hamlets. 

And finally, GRADUATION! But that’s a surprise…

If you would like your school to host Coney for a free workshop series, and you are based in Tower Hamlets, please get in touch with Eliza at eliza@coneyhq.org

Our work with young people and families is made possible by Arts Council England, Backstage Trust, Canary Wharf Contractors and many generous individuals. 

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