All of our work in this programme is made in consultation and conversation with specialist youth practitioners and previous graduates of our Young Coneys Programme.

In schools

Coney creates playful resources and adventures for classrooms of all ages, designed for specific impact on issues that reflect the passions and needs of young people. Here are two recent examples of what we mean:

Coney’s Barbican Box: Both a playful resource and a portal to a Secret Agency. The Box upskilled students in Manchester and Harlow in making art, resulting in the creation of a co-devised playful intervention in their school which prompted care for others, their environment and themselves. See how it played out here:

The Undercover CareTaker Agency: A remotely delivered resource pack of games and exercises, focusing on the effect of the pandemic on youth mental health, for when schools arrived back in class. It was designed to increase wellbeing, empower young people to playfully spark change in their schools, and celebrate being back together with their school communities.

Had the most wonderful day with Coney at Lansbury Primary – a brilliant wellbeing workshop that was so much fun!

Class Teacher on The Undercover CareTaker Agency

In Partnerships

A family stand on benches overlooking a view of fields, in conversation with a woman dressed as a park ranger
Phoebe the Apprentice Ranger

We work with organisations across the country, creating fun, interactive and unique experiences that bring young people and families closer to their work, and facilitating more meaningful engagement with the issues our partners champion. Examples include:

Phoebe the Apprentice Ranger: An outdoor family adventure around the grounds of Polesden Lacey, commissioned by the National Trust.

The Ministry of Time Travel : A series of adventures created at The National Archives for young people & families. We welcome audiences to the world of The Ministry of Time Travel, a secret organisation based at the heart of The National Archives. Here they’re invited to use the evidence from the past available at the Archives, to safeguard time itself!

The Shadow of the Future: A game created for KS3 students to help them explore and understand the complexities of the Cold War Crisis, playable at Imperial War Museums Duxford for class visits.

In the community

A group of young people outdoors, wearing masks of a rhino, a polar bear and a monkey, holding protest banners
Endangered Friends, a project by the Young Coneys for Smithfield Street Party

Another key part of our work is upskilling young people in playful activism – that is, discovering  their superpowers and using them alongside Coney practice to make the changes they want to see in the world. From air quality in inner city London to Fake News, we’ve lent our skills to young people, enabling them to put their experiences front and centre in their own creative projects taking place in public space:

Endangered Friends with Smithfield Festival: A beastly adventure, talking to attendees of Smithfield Street Party about the animals of our world. A group of 7-13 year olds created puppets with designer Maia Kirkman Richards, and then paraded them at the festival to spark a conversation about animal extinction.

Codename: Violet with Greenpeace: A secret project where young people took on the role of junior doctors and created a non-violent action to communicate the impact of diesel on young lungs. They arrived at a car industry gala and offered health checks to the people attending, with lung capacity tests and a giant game of operation.

If you’re interested in developing a bespoke project with young people, get in touch with Eliza at

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In addition to our national portfolio, we also have a local, ongoing offer for young people and schools in our home borough – Tower Hamlets… find out more about the Young Coneys here.