A group of young people who make things for others, especially grown ups, to Play

The Young Coneys is a concentrated opportunity for a small number of young people aged 6 – 15 years old who we’ve met across our many projects, and for who we think it  will have most impact, to come together and make things for others, especially grown ups, to Play.

Young Coneys contract

The Young Coneys are a crackly, creative set of individuals with their own needs and their own reasons for being here. Being a member has a different impact on all of them.

When they come together they create something really special – they explore, they support one another and establish a space where they feel comfortable to Play and be themselves.

I never thought I could have made this. I thought I would just sit and watch but I actually did something.’

It’s inspiring me. Coming here is inspiring me.


To find out more about the Young Coneys, read The Story of the Young Coneys. Or if you’d like to get involved, email youngconeys@coneyhq.org.


We’ve already made a few things together:

The Droves


We especially loved both these Press responses to The Droves – from Exeunt and What’s On Stage – because they capture why we wanted to make this.

Kids Take Over

[click image to play]

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 14.59.12


The Young Coneys’ theatre trip in October is supported by

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