Reviews Round-Up: The Droves

Posted on February 21st, 2018

Photograph of a young boy holding a treasure chest in a decorated basement.

We are incredibly proud of The Droves Young Company, the reviews are in and audiences have been amazed, delighted and surprised since The Droves opened on Saturday. Here’s a round-up of what press and audiences have been saying.

What the press have been saying:

When children are allowed to be theatremakers they’re empowered in a totally different way… If today’s six year-olds are making immersive site-specific shows, who knows what they’ll start making in 20 years time? 

Matt Trueman, What’s On Stage

Coney have created a piece that has the giggly, energetically creative air of a game of make-believe. It feels fresh and new even where the format isn’t […] immersive theatre done mercifully right.

Ka Bradley, Exeunt

More than anything, the show is about [the children]: the three year process, the progress from concept to performance, and the distillation of two and a half years’ worth of young people’s strange imaginings into this gleeful piece.

Tim Bano, Time Out

There’s magic and madcap fun to be had in roaming the wilds of an eight year-old’s imagination… it’s heartening to know that so many children have been exposed to the variety and vibrancy of theatre at such a young age.

Fergus Morgan, The Stage

A bizarre and entertaining wander through the child hive-mind… The Droves is a revealing insight into the minds of 6-11-year-olds and a chance for us all to remember that when it comes to imagination, children are way ahead of us all.

Maryam Philpott, The Reviews Hub 

Read an interview with The Droves Young Company and Director/Writer Tom Bowtell in Theatre.London share what it’s been like working together over the last two years. “If we say yes to the most wild, bizarre and impossible ideas, where do we end up?” 

What audiences have been saying:

“Utterly fanastic!”

“Playful, exuberant, imaginative, great forest cellar!” 

“Having no idea what would happen next was most interesting and exciting.”

“Unique story, creepy and fun – seeing the creative process of the young company” 

“A magical world filled with riddles and code”

There’s still time to experience The Droves.

Images: Natalie Adams, Lizzie Jenkins and Natalie Raaum.
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