Coney are a collection of makers creating interactive theatre, games and adventures where people can choose to take a meaningful part. Our mission is to spark change through play, always following the principles of adventure, curiosity, and loveliness. Our work takes place anywhere that people gather; in theatres, schools, museums, on the streets and online.

The experience starts when you first hear about it, and only ends when you stop thinking and talking about it.

Everything we do is inspired by the belief that the world can be magical place where ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Collaboration and dialogue are at the heart of our work: with audiences, peers, partners, and a network of makers. We’re more like a building-less theatre building than a theatre company, drawing teams from a wider network, and landing across the country and the world – using pervasive digital technology to meet people wherever they connect.

Want to know more? Watch the animation below to hear about our recent work, and take a look at our Annual Reviews from the past few years.

Who we are

Coney HQ is the engine producing and facilitating the work of Coney. We assemble teams of makers from a band of Associates, the Guild of Coney, and a wider network which is open to anyone to join.

The HQ team

Tassos Stevens – Director | JCEO
Adam Gallacher – Executive Director | JCEO
Kit Denison – General Manager*
Marie Klimis – Senior Producer*
Emily Davis – Producer
Rhianna Ilube – Associate Director: Playful Heritage*
Toby Peach – Associate Director: Young People & Families Programme*
Farah Najib – Marketing & Admin Officer*
David Finnigan – Maker & Researcher (on retainer)*
Charlotte Lines – Finance Manager*

*Part time

The Makers of Coney

Coney recruits makers from a wider network to represent Coney on projects. Anyone can join this wider network here.

The Guild is for makers who’ve represented Coney at least twice and whose work we champion. We host an exchange of practice between these makers and with Coney, and a development programme to facilitate connections and the first seeds of ideas, which may flower with Coney or elsewhere. Our Associates – also makers in the Guild – commit to active engagement and exchange.


Afreena Islam-Wright, Afsana Begum, Anne Odeke, Astrid Breel, Ben Pacey, Brent Grihalva, Brigitte Adela, Chloe Mashiter, David Finnigan, Dom Garfield, Ed Naujokas, Emma Frankland, Eve Leigh, Janisè Sadik, Kathryn Beaumont, Kieran Lucas, Maz Hemming, Michelle McMahon, Rebekah Murrell, Rhianna Ilube, Ruth Sutcliffe, Segen Yosef, Will Drew.

…and other makers in the Guild
Angela Clerkin, Arlo Howard, Anne Langford, Barbara Cala-Lesina, Cesía León-Alvarez, Dinah Mullen, Eliza Cass, Ellie Browning, Fran Moulds, Gareth Damian Martin, Gary Campbell, Georgia Symons, Georgina Bednar, Harriet Bolwell, Hoda Adra, Jeannine Inglis Hall, Kirsty Harris, Mel Frances, Morag Iles, Naomi Stafford, Rachel Hosker, Richard Popple, Suzanna Hurst, Tassos Stevens, Toby Peach, Tom Bowtell, Yusra Warsama.

Board of Trustees

Phil Clark – Head of Content and Audience, British Medical Association
James Clayton – Senior Associate, Campbell Johnston Clark
Annette Corbett – Creative Director, Rough Information
Hannah Davey – Art and Actions Coordinator, Greenpeace
Lydia Hayes – Head of Development, Breathe Arts Health Research
Simon Michaels (Treasurer) – Partner, HW Fisher LLP
Sydney Nash (Chair) – Director/Vice President of Public Affairs, International Alliance for Responsible Drinking
Jenna Omeltschenko – Touring Partnerships Manager, National Theatre
Ben Payne – Director, B&G LLP
Jane Samuels – Access & Equality Manager, The Natural History Museum


Kat Nilsson – Head of National Public Programmes, Natural History Museum
Matt Muir – Consultant

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