Adventure 1

An adventure for the City

You’ll be tailing someone who works in the heart of the financial system. You’ll need to blend into the city around you, so that you don’t draw attention. We don’t have permission to be doing this. We don’t have permission to be here. What happens next – well, that’s up to you.

Adventure 1 was a planned set of adventures by Coney, exploring our relationship to the financial system and the crisis. It takes place in the financial district of a city, first made for London but with an eye for new versions to be made in other cities. You’ll need to exchange emails with an associate a few days in advance of the adventure. On the day, you’ll need a smartphone, earphones, and your wits about you.

Adventure 1 has now evolved, in the shape of Adventure Experiment.


Creators William Drew and Tassos Stevens
Makers Al Barclay, Pamela Carter, Charlie Clarke, William Drew, Dan Ford, Fiona Hannon, Michelle McMahon, Josh Smith and Tassos Stevens