The Undercover CareTaker Agency

A mysterious box arrives at school reception…

Unlocking the box, you discover it is from a secret organisation called the Undercover CareTaker Agency who need your help with the Static…. 

The Undercover CareTaker Agency is a day-long interactive classroom adventure for Year 3 & Year 4 primary school students to begin to explore mental health and wellbeing. Anne is a member of the Undercover CareTaker Agency and is facing something she doesn’t entirely understand, The Static. She has sent out the UCA Beacon to a class to help her connect with her friend Nigel, who she can’t contact because of The Static. Can you help her counter The Static?

The Undercover CareTaker Agency has been piloted in Tower Hamlets, where teachers have identified mental wellbeing as being a specific area of concern for their students. Research from the ONS found four in ten 11 to 16 year olds felt that lockdown had made their life worse, and three- quarters of children aged 5 to 16 years had a parent who said they felt worried about their child missing out on meeting their school friends during the summer term. In a longer term study, 39.2% of 6 to 16 year olds had experienced deterioration in mental health since 2017 (NHS).

Through exercises based on the 5 Ways To Wellbeing, students are up-skilled in methods to look after their own mental health and are supported in sharing what they learn with the rest of their school through creating and giving a gift. These are practical tools, designed to be picked up and used throughout the rest of their time at school.

In numbers

In May 2022, The Undercover CareTaker Agency landed in classes across five schools in Tower Hamlets, inducting circa 150 young people into The Undercover CareTaker Agency and resulting in five different creative projects being made to benefit the wellbeing of their schools.

Our evaluation found that:

  • 100% of teachers felt their class had learnt new skills to help manage and benefit their mental health.
  • 89% of students responded that they had enjoyed UCA or enjoyed it very much
  • 76% of students reported that they felt able to help a friend or a family member who was feeling sad or stressed after taking part in UCA.
“The UCA Project has been a great workshop for children in my class to understand mental health and learn the tools to help manage their anxieties and worries in a beneficial and productive way.”

Teacher at Osmani Primary School

“A memorable and self-enhancing experience that the children in my class grabbed with both hands. One full day of focus groups, working together towards common goals, empowering children to better themselves and their surroundings and taking away useful life hacks was a day well-spent!”

Teacher at Hague Primary School

“It was the most exciting thing I’ve done in teaching for a long time! The children were absolutely captivated and most didn’t want the project to end.”



The Undercover CareTaker Agency was created thanks to funding from The Backstage Trust.