We The People (of this place)

A gameshow about your community…

…with questions set by and with you – and a playful secret.

We The People (of this place) is a gameshow about your community, with questions set by and with the people of the community, and prizes to be won. It’s a celebration of local distinctiveness and the loveliness of this place. It’s a pub quiz – or whatever quiz-based event may make everyone feel most welcome. And there’s a playful secret, one we can’t talk about here…

Each iteration is different, made in partnership with residents and local artists. We make relationships to find out about local stories and local people. We sit in cafés, drink cups of tea, have lunch on benches and shake hands with strangers – and follow where conversations lead.

We The People has landed in Culture Mile, Fareham, Folkestone, Liverpool, Margate, and Quezon City, Manila.

Read about some loveliness which may or may not have been linked to We The People (of Margate), here.


Representing Coney are makers including Ellie Browning, Donna Carr, Adam Coleman, Emma Gannon, Rhianna Ilube, Ellie Jones, Blioux Kirkby, Tim Lewis, Connor Maud, Megan Metcalf, Lorraine Morrissey, Tassos Stevens & Ruth Sutcliffe.