Last Night of the Pleasure Fair

Part of Culture Mile Nights.

Drawing crowds from all classes of English society, The Bartholomew Fair was both a trading event for cloth (and other goods) but more notably a pleasure fair featuring sideshows, prize-fighters, musicians, wire-walkers, acrobats and wild animals. It was closed down in 1855 by the City authorities after being labelled a “school of vice which has initiated more youth into the habits of villainy than Newgate itself!”

Join Coney in a pub just down the road from where the fair once took place for an evening of entertainment, interactivity and games around the theme of London’s counter culture, responding specifically to the history of Smithfield & the surrounding area. The event will be inspired by elements of historical research and explore how counter culture in London is now under threat.

Last Night of the Pleasure Fair is part of Culture Mile Nights, a three-day festival taking place from Thursday 21 – Saturday 23 November.

Saturday 23 November, 8-11pm

The Rising Sun Pub, 38 Cloth Fair, Barbican, London EC1A 7JQ

How to book 
Tickets are £5, including a free drink. Book yours here.

Representing Coney are Georgina Bednar, Ellie Browning, Michael Cusick and Naomi Stafford

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