Coney is thrilled to announce the launch of After Life Experience – A piece by Coney in collaboration with the National Theatre & Headlong.

This is a companion piece to the After Life production, running at the National Theatre from 02 June – 24 July.

What precious memory would you choose to live in for eternity? 

 It’s all in your hands.

Take a minute and let us know. We want it to be just right for you. Are you ready?

Find a quiet space on your own to enter the Facilitation. 

Once online, your After Life Experience guide will lead you down a contemplative path through your most cherished memories.

Take a few minutes to consider what your chosen After Life may be.

Listen to memories collected from all over the world, or take part yourself, at

Co-direction – Tassos Stevens & TD. Moyo
Interaction Design – Tassos Stevens 
Script – Tassos Stevens & TD. Moyo
Voice – Danielle Henry 
Sound Design – Tom Gibbons
Memory Curation – TD. Moyo
Digital Programming – Suzanna Hurst 
Producing – Ellie Browning & Vicky Hawkins 

Devised in dialogue with Jeremy Herrin and the creative team of After Life