Coney are interactive theatre-makers.

We create games, adventures and play where people can choose to take a meaningful part. Our work takes place anywhere that people gather: in theatres, schools, museums, on the streets and online and always follows the principles of adventure, curiosity and loveliness.

The experience starts when you first hear about it, and only ends when you stop thinking and talking about it.

We make play with ideas that resonate in the world around us: from the everyday to the extraordinary. Our work is inspired by the belief that the world can be magical place where ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Collaboration and dialogue are at the heart of how we make work: with audiences, peers, partners, and a network of makers.

Our story

The name Coney was first taken in 2006, but there are accounts of pieces happening as early as 2004 and tales of adventures dating back years before that. Rumours that Coney is a front for another organisation (headed by something or someone called Rabbit) are typically denied.

The audience has always been the soul of our work, co-creating their experiences within the stories and worlds we’ve designed. First reported adventures were deep and magical experiences for smaller groups of audience. Pieces such as NTT at the National Theatre in 2006 and The Gold-Bug at Battersea Arts Centre in 2008 opened up Coney to a wider audience and influences, before A Small Town Anywhere at BAC attracted critical acclaim in 2009. House of Cards in the State Apartments at Kensington Palace opened in 2012, reaching new audiences of over 500,000. We are proud to have been made a National Portfolio Organisation by Arts Council England in 2012.

Over the years we’ve created stories in palaces and classrooms, led people through streets and fields, and made work everywhere from Tasmania to Berlin.

Who we are

Coney HQ is the engine producing and facilitating the work of Coney, assembling teams of makers from a band of associates and a wider network. The wider network of Coney is open to anyone to join, and we host events for inquisitive minds to meet, play and exchange ideas.

Coney HQ is currently: two Runners, who are a Producer and a Director, a General Manager, a Trainee Admin and Engagement Officer and a Research Associate. There is an extra chair in the office.

Coney HQ

Astrid Breel – Research Associate
Becki Haines – Runner/Executive Producer
Charlie Clarke – Occasional Magical Technologist
Jyothi Giles – Trainee Admin and Engagement Officer
Natalie Adams – General Manager
Tassos Stevens – Runner/Director
Katherine de Halpert – Finance Manager

Teams of makers are assembled from a band of associates and the wider network.


Afreena Islam, Ben Pacey, Dan Canham, David Finnigan, Emma Frankland, Fran Moulds, Georgina Bednar, Michelle McMahon, Rhiannon Armstrong, Toby Peach, Tom Bowtell, William Drew.

Coney’s Board of Trustees

Adam Coleman
Benjamin Yeoh (Chair)
James Clayton
Jane Samuels
Joanna Marschner
Juliet Desailly


Please note that Rabbit is never here.<?small>