Take a deep dive into our practice or find out about our latest projects with this selection of articles by Coney HQ and our wider network.

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Photograph of educational booklets laid out on a wooden table.

Meeting you where you are – Tabletop games with Coney

Coney play games with lots of people, for lots of different reasons, but always with the hope of making small bits of change across the world. We’re a charity – so 80% of our things were accessed for free last…

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Photograph of children holding kites in a park.

The Young Coneys Fly The Flag

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, artist Ai Weiwei has created a flag to celebrate universal human rights. And in response to the Fly The Flag initiative, the Young Coneys have lent their voices by…

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Photograph of two people standing face to face underneath a large moon.

COMPANION: MOON photo gallery

We’re quite literally over the moon to open a brand new project today – COMPANION: MOON, commissioned by the Natural History Museum. COMPANION: MOON is an interactive performance using sound and movement in a gentle and open encounter with Luke…

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Drawing of David's fact file.

HQ Fact File: David Finnigan

We’re delighted to welcome back Coney’s Associate in Residence David Finnigan, who’s recently returned to HQ after a few months away. To celebrate, we’ve put together a fact file about David – and you’ll be seeing him around over the…

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Photograph of a group of people working round a wooden table.

Somewhere Pieces and Me: Tom Freshwater writes

We’ve recently kicked off Somewhere Pieces, a development programme for our Associates, supported by Jerwood Arts. Here to tell you more about that is Tom Freshwater, who’s been working with Coney on the project. Tom is Head of Public Programmes for…

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Drawing of Tasso's fact file.

HQ Fact File: Tassos Stevens

It’s HQ fact file time, and today the spotlight is on Tassos Stevens. Tassos first got involved with what was to become Coney in 2004 when he answered a ringing phone passed him by a stranger. He coined the name Coney as…

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Photograph of children dressed up as doctors and nurses round a wooden table.

Codename Violet – a project with Greenpeace and the Young Coneys

In this week’s blog we finally get to reveal something we’ve been keeping a secret – Codename: Violet. Made by the Young Coneys with Greenpeace.

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Photograph of people in costumes with confetti falling on them.

The Gossip Game: the impact of chance meetings

Coney makes play designed for meaningful impact, inviting our audiences to play in different ways across all kinds of pieces. Over the years we’ve made a lot of projects, each of which has its own legacy – anything from players’ experiences, to a…

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Photograph of four people smiling, posing for a picture.

Admin Placement with Coney: Fengfan Zhou writes

Over the last month, we’ve been joined at HQ by another brilliant placement, Fengfan Zhou, an international student from the University of West London. She’s been learning about the internal workings of Coney, and helping us out on projects ranging from…

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