Take a deep dive into our practice or find out about our latest projects with this selection of articles by Coney HQ and our wider network.

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Screenshot of a zoom call between two users, 'Coney' and 'You'.

Magical Moments in our Online Programme

Two shows that have offered some particularly magical moments throughout lockdown are Telephone and Escape Zoom – read on to find out our favourite stories and moments.

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Screenshot from the video 'The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 7'.

The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 7 (the last one!)

We are thrilled to release Episode 7 – the last episode of this season of the Young Coneys News Network. As it’s our last episode, our “roaming reporters” have made sure we’re going out with a bang.

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Screenshot from the video 'The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 1'.

The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 1

The Young Coneys have been hard at work in their homes, in order to bring you some good news stories and hard-hitting interviews with household objects.

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Photograph of children crowded round a large red gift wrapped box.

The Young Coneys: Codename Newbee

We wanted to share the story of a particularly lovely project the Young Coneys took on recently: Codename Newbee.

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Screenshot of a video call.

Reflections from a Remote Rehearsal

Half-way through rehearsals for Three Futures (and a Fortune), our team were thrown the creative challenge: what does a remote rehearsal look like?

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Photograph of a group of people picking something from a cup.

Crowdplay in Plovdiv: Tassos writes

Towards the end of 2019 we were invited to share a Coney project called Crowdplay at Fusion Urban Games Festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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Photograph of empty chairs arranged in a circle.

A workshop with Áron Birtalan – Eliza writes

Our Producer Eliza shares some learning from a workshop about transformational practice, led by internationally renowned Artist and Transformation Games Practitioner, Áron Birtalan.

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Photograph of a group of children grounded round a laptop on the floor.

The Young Coneys – the next step

Across the Autumn, we’ve been working on some new developments for the Young Coneys, our resident group of young change-makers – and we’re really excited to share them with you. Thanks to funding from the Backstage Trust and generous individuals,…

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Photograph of a neon sign that reads 'Thrills'.

Last Night of the Pleasure Fair – an interview with Georgina

Coming up this Saturday 23 November, we’re hugely excited to present Last Night of the Pleasure Fair – an evening of entertainment, interactivity and games around the theme of London’s counter culture. Last Night of the Pleasure Fair draws inspiration from the Bartholomew Fair – a trading…

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