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Question Everything

[Tassos Stevens writes…] I was invited to make a provocation for Question Everything, an event curated by Index on Censorship and hosted at Junction in Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Festival Of Ideas. All us ‘provokers’, from diverse backgrounds…

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a manifesto about manifestos

A manifesto expresses the vision, what’s important and what’s exciting. This is what it is about. It’s shared with everyone with a stake, and invites their contribution and co-authorship. It adopts whichever form and format best suits its co-authors. There…

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Writing for adventures

I know that these words are being read by you now. You are probably looking at a computer screen. It seems unlikely that you’ve gone to the effort of printing this out. If you’re thinking about it now, please don’t.…

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"an exchange of good gifts between strangers"

Tassos Stevens writes: I was invited by Annie Rigby of Unfolding Theatre and Kylie Lloyd of Northern Stage to deliver a provocation in a symposium recently on participatory art and the question – how does this work impact and benefit…

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Photograph of an event at the Camden People's Theatre for The Coney Theatre Group, with large boxes hung up filled with light and letters on them.

Middle Days of our better nation

Tom Bowtell, who co-created the show with fellow Coney co-director Annette Mees writes about the core questions that fuel Early Days (of a Better Nation), which premieres in London this autumn Two questions have always hovered close to the heart…

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Photograph of a woman on stage pointing to pieces of paper.

A Salon on playing theatre at Camden People's Theatre

This was an open event curated and hosted by Coney at Camden People’s Theatre for our network. It sprang from a desire to advance the dialogue around making playing theatre aka interactive theatre. Provocations from Philipp Ehmann, Zoe Svendsen, and…

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Photograph of an old music player with a globe on top of it.

Kensington Palace: a happy marriage of arts and heritage ambition

This article was originally posted on The Guardian’s Culture Professionals Network. Kensington Palace: ‘Is there another way?’ Storytelling is key for Historic Royal Palaces (HRP). But to draw in the widest possible visitor base to our five historic sites, we…

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What's gained and what's lost when people get to their feet in interactive theatre?

A piece by Tassos Stevens Presented at a Show & Tell Salon on Activism Posted as part of the Network of Coney Magazine 01 What’s gained and what’s lost when people get to their feet in interactive theatre? Read on for…

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SuperMe, Truth Specs, an award

Looking back over recent months there are a few projects we’ve meant to write about, but busyness has precluded those posts at the best of times. So here’s one post looking back at two related projects, both collaborations with Somethin’ Else in c…

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