Throughout 2017

The Droves is in development working towards a large scale site-responsive production, placing young people aged 7-11 as the creative leads and made for an adult audience.

From designing stage lighting to developing the script, the project will also see young creatives learning about the processes and skills involved in taking a production from conception to performance through mentorship and playful exploration. The Droves will explore what creative superpowers are simmering in our brilliant young people, unlocking their potential.

March saw us taking Phase 2 to creative primary schools across East London, holding 17 free workshops tapping into the creative potential of the pupils and developing confidence, wellbeing and inclusion in classes through directed play.

This series of workshops in making interactive theatre culminated in a weekend of immersive creativity: The Droves Festival. A team of young artists aged 7-11 came together to develop their creative toolkits, receive artistic mentorship from industry professionals and take control in creating their own unique immersive world. This is our vision for The Droves: 360 degree engagement for a young company, taking the reins of all elements of a professional immersive production for adults.

Watch this trailer by project Documenter Natalie Raaum for an insight into The Droves Festival and the project as it develops:


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Director Tom Bowtell
Assistant Director Toby Peach
Associate Dominic Garfield
Sound Design Mentor Dinah Mullen
Visual Design Mentor Kirsty Harris
Documenter Natalie Raaum