Introducing FuturePlay

We’ve been rather busy of late developing a brand new piece of immersive and interactive playing theatre for FutureFest called FuturePlay. FutureFest is a festival curated by Pat Kane and produced by NESTA, happening in Shoreditch Town Hall over the last weekend of September – exploring what the future will look like.

To make Futureplay, we’ve been partnered up with three intriguing start-ups…


>CC is a crowd-courier network, making deliveries in the city to recipients wherever they happen to be, whether they expect it or not. @nowyouccme


Playify describes itself as a post-gamification consultancy, helping everyone to recognise the game-like systems at play in their lives and how to change them for the better.  @playifyplayify


Glitchspring is a tech start-up making products that make glitches in systems for positive impact, its first being a rather nifty algorithm BBit13, released occasionally into financial trading systems. @glitchspring

Any successful start-up is grown from the seed of a great idea, and our mission with FuturePlay is to dig into the ideas that lie behind each one of these start-ups and to imagine the impact they might have in the near future.

You can meet these companies online (and follow them on Twitter) and we’d really encourage you to dig into their sites as deep as you like! You’ll then get the flavour of the whirlwind conversations we’ve been having with their representatives – shout-outs especially to Roger Krolik of Glitchspring and Jessica Chorgosh of >CC. Also they’ve each got some rather neat toys to play with online, our current favourite in HQ being the street skills test for >CC that you can start HERE.

A team for Coney – including Neil Bennun, Chris Branch, Charlie Clarke, Will Drew, Hannah Nicklin, and Tassos Stevens – is devising the performance and there’s a rather exciting acting company being assembled too, including one very special guest. But the most important player is you. Like all Coney’s work, it’s all about you, your presence, and the choices you make. We’re still very much in devise so we can’t reveal much more… but we can say that this is quite a different playing experience from anything you might have encountered before from Coney, and its play will take you very much into the real world. And of course, the future. And we’re hoping that this first outing may prove to be a format for a future travelling show that can adapt its focus to the concerns of the place it finds itself.

You can book tickets for FutureFest here.

If you can’t make FutureFest itself, there will be a free playtest of games (think Big Play) on Friday 7th of September and a scratch of the performance on Saturday 21st of September.

Tassos Stevens

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