Crowdplay is a trilogy of deceptively simple physical games to be played in a public space in any town or city, in response to a dynamic soundtrack. The space around us plays at being a public space a few years in the future and the audience play at being the crowd in that space. The three games they play require them to observe each other and to avoid detection themselves with some players being asked to play as police. The game is most exciting when there are actual police observing us. It blurs the line between what is permitted and what is forbidden in public space. 

The work is inspired by the growth of heavily surveilled and privately owned public space in cities in the UK – something which we observe to be growing within global society. Inspiration is also taken from the history of collective joy chronicled in Barbara Ehrenreich’s Dancing in the Streets

Though it may at times closely resemble one, Crowdplay is not an act of protest even. Suitable for all ages and most political persuasions. Anyone can join in, even the police.

Crowdplay at Fusion Urban Games Festival, Plovdiv. Images © Rosina Pencheva / studio PUNKT

Previous performances

w00t Festival, Copenhagen 2014
Generator Malta Festival, Poznan 2014
Fusion Urban Games Festival, Plovdiv 2019

Created by Coney, here represented by William Drew, Tassos Stevens and Kieran Lucas