Our plan to share play, wherever you are

Hello one and all,

We’re Coney, makers of play – theatre, adventures, games, and more – to spark positive change. In the current crisis we’re shifting to make and share more play for people wherever and whenever they are. We know that there are going to be a lot of audiences, young and old, at home and looking for things to do. We hope we can help make even our present situation a little lovelier through fun and connection.

Coney was founded essentially on the artists not being in the same room as the audience, and we’ve developed tools and knowhow in playful comms to help us do this. So we’ll also be sharing advice and resources for other artists and organisations to help them reach remote audiences, especially for by with young people.

In these uncertain times Coney is also at risk, and our play sparking change for all audiences, our championing of the Young Coneys, and support for our network of artists – last year we worked with 40+ freelance makers – can only continue as long as we do.

Please continue to get in touch for partnership, projects and ideas for making play together for you or the people you impact.

Coming soon

We’ll be making everything below free to access, thanks to our current funders, partners, and supporters who enable this. Because we have a wider family of freelance makers, especially our associates, with livelihoods impacted by the crisis, we’ll be starting a donation campaign, where everything raised will go towards supporting freelancers.

  • Our pop-up playhouse, delivering a repertoire of pieces for anyone to play wherever and whenever they are.
  • Advice and resources on remote play for our Network, but open to anyone from the wider sector and beyond, interested in making play and exchanging practice.
  • A new online project by the Young Coneys, our company of young change-makers aged 7-13, for grown-up audiences.
  • Play and resources for by with young people and families shared widely.
  • And a surprise or two.

Coming even sooner

We’re piloting a regular online event, the Remote Social. On Fridays, gather at 7pm ready to play together. We’re trialling a few different formats over the coming weeks…

This Friday, play Back (After This Break) a scratch online game show.

To hear the latest, sign up to our mailing list for updates as players.

Or – if you are interested in making play – to our Network.

And if you want to play online this Friday, sign up here and get your team together.

Very best,


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