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Coming over the next 3 Fridays, 3 new scratches in remote play – an ‘escape zoom’, a storytelling experiment, and a spin on a murder mystery. Free to play, inviting PWYC donations.  Read on for details.

Over the last 3 Fridays, Coney – here represented by David Finnigan and Tassos Stevens from inside our crisis Coney HQ – have hosted a Remote Social, a live event over online platforms for people wherever they are to connect and play.

We’ve scratched 3 different formats, each with a ridiculous fiction to match:

Back (After This Break) – a game show with creative challenges for small teams competing to take over a TV station

Night At Zoom Mansion – a gossiping town visited by a celebrity who was definitely not Gwyneth Paltrow.

Olympics 2021 Highland (Planning) Games – a forecasting contest for large teams helping a small fictional town in Scotland host the Olympics.

We’ve made them rapidly, designed most of all to be fun and connect people wherever they are, and for us to learn more about playing on remote platforms as we live through the lockdown.

They’ve been a blast to make, booked out quickly, we’ve had players from all over – one team in BATB had players in Bratislava, Berlin, Bedford and Baltimore – and some lovely responses.

We’ve taken this week off to reflect and consolidate, but we’re raring to go over the next 3 Fridays, scratching new formats and ideas to push a little bit further.

Friday 24th April, 7pm UK Time


An experiment in remote storytelling, with some very gentle interaction. 

Stories of connection woven through a possibly true history of telecommunications.

Book tickets ->

Friday 1st May, 7pm and 8.30pm UK Time

The Escape Zoom

Join a small gang of players racing against the clock to escape a sequence of online rooms.

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Friday 8th May, 7pm UK Time

You Hold The Crocodile’s Jaws

A spin on a murder mystery role-play, inpired by The Thing.

You are holed up in a remote building with a shape-shifting killer in your midst.

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Everything is free to play, but we invite Pay What You Can donations to support Coney in continuing to make and share play for remote audiences, continuing to help the Young Coneys become agents of change making play for grown-ups, and engaging our extended family of freelance makers.

And look out for more announcements next week, including the heralding of our Pop-Up Playhouse, and breaking news from the Young Coneys.

Book tickets via Eventbrite:

Telephone, Friday 24th April, 7pm UK Time 


The Escape Zoom, Friday 1st May, 7pm and 8.30pm UK Time 


You Hold The Crocodile’s Jaws, Friday 8th May, 7pm UK Time 


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