Commissioned by and presented as part of the 6th edition of International Summer Festival of Art The Access Point.

Join Coney for The Delegationa brand new interactive performance that invites you to reflect on how our societies – while geographically disparate – find ourselves together in this time of crisis, experiencing the withering of post-pandemic capitalism, and pondering the ideal contents of a hotel minibar.

We at Hotel Zajec are honoured to welcome* you to this historic meeting of delegations from your two great countries.

May business be struck, accord be reached, and diplomacy secure that most elusive of prizes. We’re here to help. Over the course of a long hot weekend, let’s hope you can deal a better future into existence (and avoid an international incident on the dancefloor).

*Of course because of the crisis, the hotel is not quite finished. And anyway it is not safe for you to travel. But we welcome you to our online establishment, and truly hope you enjoy your stay.

You’ll be free to explore the activities in the hotel and its attached conference centre. You’ll meet and exchange with players from both delegations. You will be invited to play as a diplomat, dealer or culture-broker, but it’s always up to you how much or little you play. If you want, you can always shut yourself in your hotel room (turn off your video and mike) and enjoy your amenities.


A project by Coney, devised by the Company:
Olga Arshanskaya – Voice
David Finnigan – Research & Game Designer
Nikolai Filippov – Graphic Design
Elena Gorlatova – Performer / RU official
Rosanna Holland – Voice
Nadezhda Lebedeva – Translator
Eve Leigh – Writer
Kieran Lucas – Sound Designer
Rebekah Murrell – Performer / UK Official
Masha Sapizhak – Performer / UK Official
Tassos Stevens – Interactive Dramaturg & Director / Concierge
Lev Vasilyev – Zoom Operator / Help Desk
Segen Yosef – Assistant Director
Evgeny Zaitsev – Performer




Friday 17 July

7pm UK time - PREVIEW

Saturday 18 July

3pm & 7pm - PREVIEWS

Sunday 19 July

3pm & 7pm

Tuesday 21 July

3pm & 7pm

Wednesday 22 July


Thursday 23 July


Friday 24 July