You are the naval crew of a nuclear submarine in the year 1964. Cruising through deep waters, you hear a sudden cracking sound. You’ve collided with an iceberg and the hull is breached! The captain has been knocked unconscious, so it’s up to you to figure out how to open the escape hatch and get out before the submarine walls cave in under the pressure…

Escape Zoom, made in collaboration with legendary escape room designer Vera Quyon, invites you on a journey into a world of secret passages, hidden codes and B-movie storylines, delivered through the power of the internet. With your fellow players, you’ll solve puzzles, visit strange worlds, and grapple with what it means to get out of our bedrooms right now… Some days it feels like your whole life is hemmed in by locked doors and indecipherable codes. But you were born to escape, right?

First presented as a Remote Social, another run of Escape Zoom is coming up as part of Electric Dreams Online, a festival connecting people through the power of art and the internet.D

By Coney, here represented by Eliza Cass, David Finnigan and Tassos Stevens, collaborating with Vera Quyon.




Sunday 2 August

11am, 2pm & 5pm UK time

Wednesday 5 August

1pm, 6pm & 9pm

Thursday 6 August

1pm, 6pm & 9pm

Friday 7 August

1pm, 6pm & 9pm

Sunday 9 August

11am, 2pm & 5pm

Wednesday 12 August

1pm, 6pm & 9pm

Thursday 13 August

1pm, 6pm & 9pm

Friday 14 August

1pm, 6pm & 9pm