The Escape Room to bust all Escape Rooms, made by Coney in collaboration with legendary game designer Vera Quyon.

In a world of pulp fictions – can you find the passages between worlds? Can you decipher the game itself? 

Break out of an impossible submarine hatch, burst through dusty Tomb walls, and discover what it means to be stuck inside and to get out.

Escape Zoom is an interactive game for no more than 8 screens. No prior escaping skills are needed – you never know which of your everyday talents may come in handy. It is closely facilitated by Coney, allowing individual Zoomers to form into a team. 

No player is left behind. Enter together, escape together. 

First presented as a Remote Social, Escape Zoom is now available to play as part of the Oxford Playhouse season.

If you would like to find out more about booking Escape Zoom for festivals, courses or private performances, get in touch with our Producer Harriet on

By Coney, here represented by Eliza Cass, David Finnigan and Tassos Stevens, collaborating with Vera Quyon.


“What a great activity and so well done. Really engaging from start to finish”

Hannah, Escape Zoom player

“Coney has focussed on the games and the riddles, the basis of any escape room; the puzzles are tough”

Richard Maguire, The Reviews Hub