The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 7 (the last one!)

Posted on July 2nd, 2020

Screenshot from the video 'The Young Coneys News Network: Episode 7'.

We are thrilled to release Episode 7, the last episode of this season of the Young Coneys News Network. It is certainly bitter sweet, and we’re so proud of all the amazing content the Young Coneys have sent in.

As it’s our last episode, our “roaming reporters” have made sure we’re going out with a bang.

Archie is off on an adventure to deliver kindness through the post, Noa gives us the last few lockdown tips, Hugo is back for his last Science Report and Rosie and Ruby are out in the woods to talk about life beyond lockdown. All of this hosted by the brilliant Izzy!

Representing Coney here are The Young Coneys, Brigitte Adela, Afsana Begum, Ellie Browning, Eliza Cass, Brent Grihalva, Ben Harvey, Anne Langford, Toby Peach, Janisè Sadik, & Abby Witchalls.

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