Alongside our projects, creative practise and artistic collaborations we work with commissioning partners cross-sector, specialising in Interactive Experiences, Game Design and Storytelling.

Some of our clients:

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Some recent commissions:

In the past this has included commissions for Historic Royal Palaces, Nesta, TATE Britain, and the BAFTA-winning Nightmare High for Channel 4 Education.

The end product was everything we initially wanted it to be – provocative, absorbing, thought provoking and teed up a whole load of debate.
Richie Jones, Consultancy Director, C Space

When I challenge myself about how deeply an audience can be engaged with some of the drier yet very important science topics, I turn to Coney because I know they’ll challenge my audiencein a fun way.
Kat Nilsson, Head of National Programmes, Natural History Museum

Coney are not only fantastically clever and creative in their ideas, but they are the best translators of academic thinking into practice I have met.
Dr Jo Twist, while Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Education

If you’d like to start a conversation with us about a new idea or project, please contact Coney on 020 7377 0088 or by emailing


As well as responding to creative briefs for commissions, we work with clients delivering consultancy cross-sector, providing services for Staff Training, Team Cohesion and Organisational Insight.

Get in touch to talk about:

• Public engagement, interaction & participation design
With a background in responsive performance, game design and participatory workshops Coney is uniquely placed to support the design and creation of projects that engage and interact with people… whether as audiences, visitors, customers or stakeholders. Our practice is based on a belief in the strength of existing teams, unlocking in-house knowledge and experience.

• Digital implementation
Our expertise in the digital development process and on organisations as end users offers an important external perspective.  We’ve a host of experience in mediating and guiding relationships around digital implementation, ensuring needs are met and expectations managed.2

• Organisational development & cultural change
Coney’s work builds relationships between people. From a starting point of each organisations needs, we have a portfolio of projects that can be adapted or programmes created from scratch to achieve organisational goals.  Whether it’s uniting people behind a common vision, building stronger relationships between groups or teams, or highlighting and sharing otherwise invisible needs and motivations.

• Focus groups & audience research
Rooted in the responsive nature of Coney’s work and our expertise in facilitation, Coney’s focus groups quickly and creatively pinpoint an understanding of audience’s needs, attitudes and opinions.

We’ve applied this practice to great success in the development of digital property, social engagement projects and front of house in cultural and commercial environments.

What previous clients have said:

Coney has been helping us to take new approaches to activist training… we asked Coney to help us devise playful ways of empowering our activists to be able to confidently slip into character. It’s been quite a revolution and we look forward to working with Coney more.
Hannah Davey, Art & Actions, Greenpeace

Coney balanced the needs of our diverse range of stakeholders, from Public Health England to youth workers and young people, helping us to create a dynamic and engaging game that met all our key criteria.  They have a natural awareness and sensitivity for individual and group dynamics, and facilitated a process that built confidence and drew out the very best from all our team.
Ann-Marie Droughton Hall, Senior Account Director, 23Red

Coney brought such a raw infectious imaginative energy to the work. They challenged us to think differently, they encouraged us to experiment, and they shared so generously their ideas, creativity and passion.
Ella Britton, Programme Lead, Early Years Health and Wellbeing, Design Council