Alongside our core programme, Coney work with clients across sectors, to deliver bespoke consultancy and commissioned pieces to a brief.

Our clients include:


Alongside our projects, creative practise and artistic collaborations we work with commissioning partners cross-sector, specialising in Interactive Experiences, Game Design and Storytelling.

Recent commissions include:

In the past we have been commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces, Nesta, TATE Britain, and the BAFTA-winning Nightmare High for Channel 4 Education.

My Grandad: The Spy compliments the existing family events programme at The National Archives but has attracted families who have not engaged with us before. Coney really took the time to understand the brief and what we wanted to achieve. The team were also enthusiastic to learn about our documents and processes to make the trail as authentic as possible. The result is a fun, family adventure which is closely linked to our exhibition and collection of archival material. Importantly, 84% of our survey responders would attend another similar event at The National Archives; proving that the project has been a great success.
Katie Fox, Programming Lead – Audiences, The National Archives

Coney took on our complex topic, and made it funny, engaging and positive.  It was really enjoyable to work with them, and they had great networks which the project tapped into.  They thought about things in a different and creative way and made something exciting, poignant and beautiful.  Thank you! 
Hannah King, Public Engagement Programme Manager, 
Natural Environment Research Council

When I challenge myself about how deeply an audience can be engaged with some of the drier yet very important science topics, I turn to Coney because I know they’ll challenge my audience, in a fun way.
Kat Nilsson, Head of National Programmes, Natural History Museum

Coney are not only fantastically clever and creative in their ideas, but they are the best translators of academic thinking into practice I have met.
Dr Jo Twist, while Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Education

If you’d like to start a conversation with us about a new idea or project, please contact Coney on 020 7377 0088 or by emailing


Coney specialises in creating and delivering experiences for clients across the corporate, science and cultural sectors.

Our skills as professional theatre makers and game designers help us to address business challenges in new and unique ways, offering bespoke and engaging experiences.

Our work ranges in scale, content, form and impact, but always holds the playful and dynamic nature of gaming at its core.  We work closely with all our partners to understand their specific needs, using research to ensure impact and company ethos throughout.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed this. The game playing was brilliant, giving us a chance to learn about how we communicate and make decisions as a team. 100% recommend game playing as a way to learn and develop teams.

Hill + Knowlton Strategies, London

Looking for an existing experience?

Choose from one of our pre-existing game packages customised to your specific business challenges, or speak with us about creating a bespoke game based on your organisation.

Finding purpose

Are your staff connected to your company’s mission statement? Does your organisation’s vision resonate in your day-to-day operations? In this game, participants undertake missions that illustrate aspects of the organisational mission.

Previous partners include King’s College London & Next Wave Partners

Organisational insight

Using the tools developed by resilience scientists, we help create systems maps for business and their ecologies of operation. Where are you resilient and where are you fragile? What do your employees and clients think about your business? We use this systems model to create a brand-new game about your organisation.

Previous partners include Imperial War Museums & Science Gallery London

Human impacts of technology

What are the social, economic and political implications of new technology and trends? Through a suite of games and conversations, we explore the second order consequences of trends such as predictive justice, workplace automation, AI and surveillance technology.

Previous partners include Deloitte, Ouishare & C Space

Climate impacts

How do you connect the consequences of climate change to your business planning? In this game, we draw on the science of climate and health impacts to make tangible the likely impacts of climate for your business and sector, as a prompt for your forecasting and risk management planning.

Previous partners include Forum For The Future, Financial Times & Wellcome

Team cohesion

Using the frame of a playful secret agency, we create bespoke experiences to help people use their unique secret powers to do positive things for others in their workplace or community.

Previous partners include Hill + Knowlton Strategies & The University of Bradford

Tools for story-telling and games

Learn some of our tools and practice for storytelling with audiences and innovative game design.

Previous partners include Public Health England, ITV & 23Red

Looking for something unique to your business?

Whether it’s an energiser for current staff, a game for a training day, or workshop on operational planning with a twist, Coney tackles all kinds of briefs. We’re confident in our abilities in devising relevant and impactful play for absolutely any need of your organisation or staff. To see if we can support your company in realising something different, get in touch.


If you’d like to learn more (or send us a challenge), please contact our Producer Harriet Bolwell on 020 7377 0088 or by emailing

Hear from our previous clients:

Coney are not only fantastically clever and creative in their ideas, but they are the best translators of academic thinking into practice I have met.

Dr Jo Twist, while Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Education

The end product was everything we initially wanted it to be – provocative, absorbing, thought provoking and teed up a whole load of debate.

Richie Jones, Consultancy Director, C Space

Some of our previous Consultancy clients

Adventure Gifts

The Play Of You



With the help of one of our more playfully mysterious associates, Coney can make adventure-gifts for you or for someone close to you. These are gifts which are adventures taking place in the life of the recipient, completely bespoke for them, and played by them and friends and family. These gifts can also be made to reflect or facilitate positive life changes, inspired by our social impact practice like A Lovely Intervention.

Some adventure-gifts made include:


The Ulyssey

An adventure-gift commissioned for a significant birthday of the commissioner’s partner, also reflecting on a possible major life change for the family.

…this adventure exceeded my expectations. I loved how inventive it was, how delightful it was, and how custom-made it was for X and his background. As for working with you on it, it was as much of an adventure for me! It was a real pleasure to get a view into your dark art, and to watch it all unfold. You did a brilliant job of incorporating not just me, but the whole family, plus strangers and new friends. And such a wonderful way to inspire new ways of thinking about something that could be challenging! In sum, a delight. Thank you!


The Magic Quit

A gift made to help the recipient quit smoking, which they did successfully.

…what feels most important was the fact each game was taking place here for this reason and with these people playing, and how it invested my family in the mission of me quitting – but in a way which was lovely and not pressured. And how much it felt motivating knowing that this had all been made for me.


To talk to us about a possible adventure-gift, please give us a knock.