After Life Experience

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Guiding you through your most cherished memories

After Life Experience was created as a companion piece to After Life at the National Theatre, which ran 2 June – 7 August 2021.

What precious memory would you choose to live in for eternity? It’s all in your hands. Take a minute and let us know. We want it to be just right for you. Are you ready?

Once online, your After Life Experience guide will lead you down a contemplative path through your most cherished memories. Take a few minutes to consider what your chosen After Life may be.

Listen to memories collected from all over the world, or take part yourself. After Life Experience is still available to play.

Take part

A moment I felt truly happy…

Watch the cast of After Life pick the memories in which they would choose to spend eternity.


Co-directors – Tassos Stevens & TD. Moyo
Interactive Design – Tassos Stevens
Script – Tassos Stevens & TD. Moyo
Voice – Danielle Henry
Sound Design – Tom Gibbons
Memory Curation – TD. Moyo
Digital Programmer – Suzanna Hurst
Producers – Ellie Browning & Vicky Hawkins

After Life Experience was created by Coney in collaboration with Headlong and National Theatre. Devised in dialogue with Jeremy Herrin and the creative team of After Life.


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After the After Life Experience

The Coney team reflect on being tasked to build an interactive companion piece to the National Theatre’s beautiful adaptation of Hirokazu Kore-eda’s film, After Life.

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