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Watching the House

A smartphone adventure explore the colonial history of Marble Hill House, in partnership with English Heritage.

Blue Heart

A pilot project playfully exploring community resilience and awareness of flooding risks in communities in and around Eastbourne.

The Climate Agency Box

An innovative offer for secondary school students, with creative tools to take meaningful climate action. A collaboration with Greenpeace.

Desire Maps

An interactive map-making performance currently in development, in collaboration with Projekt Europa.


An anti-colonial, immersive game-theatre show inspired by the legacy of the 1884 Berlin Conference.

The Middlesex Map

A map with a difference tailored for the residents of Middlesex Street and Middlesex Estate.

Nature Corridor Protectors

A smartphone adventure for families exploring urban green spaces and local wildlife in King’s Lynn.

The Golden Key

A spectacular event transforming the City of London with theatre, games, and performance for all ages.

The Future Council

Young people play themselves as members of the Future Council of the City of London in 2047.

Common Ground: Playtest

A Norfolk & Norwich Festival 250 Project connecting young people with their local heritage through the arts.

Ends & Tales

A series of immersive smartphone adventures on foot, inspired by the untold stories and histories around us. In collaboration with Tamasha.

The Ministry of Time Travel

A series of adventures created at The National Archives for young people & families.


A storytelling game exploring our relationship with nature, played in teams over Zoom or in person.

The Undercover CareTaker Agency

A series of teacher-led interactive adventures to spark conversation on important topics in primary school classrooms.

Photograph of a wooden box with letters and images spray painted onto it.

Barbican Box

A playful educational resource for schools in Manchester and Harlowe, commissioned by the Barbican.


A live, online and gently interactive storytelling piece exploring connection over distance.

The Magic Trick

A gentle yet impactful piece of play and reflection that might help magic a small positive change into your life – or at least have fun trying.

The slanted Pop-Up Playhouse logo against a purple background.

The Pop-Up Playhouse

A site hosting games and other pieces by Coney, for people of all ages to play wherever they are.

A purple stencil Young Coney logo on a white background

Young Coneys Training Programme

Free workshops for Year 5 classes, focusing on youth empowerment and social change.

A slide from Coney and UKRI’s presentation at the COP26, with various 'steps' to reaching a Net Zero future.

We’re Dreaming of a Net Zero Future

A piece of innovative facilitation as part of one of UKRI’s presentations at the COP26 climate conference.

After Life Experience

An online experience guiding you on a contemplative path through your most cherished memories, in collaboration with Headlong and National Theatre.

How We Save The World

A compelling adventure through the past, prompting decisions about how we save the world from the effects of climate change. In collaboration with NERC.

Phoebe the Apprentice Ranger

A family adventure at the National Trust site Polesden Lacey, with missions to help Phoebe fulfil her dream of becoming a Ranger.

The Droves

An immersive theatre show designed by kids, for adults.


A gentle experience commissioned by the Natural History Museum for the Museum of the Moon.

Nightmare High

A BAFTA-winning digital adventure for young people about resilience through big life changes, commissioned by Channel 4 Education.

A Small Town Anywhere

An immersive play about small-town betrayals that uses the audience as its cast. A co-production with Battersea Arts Centre.

House of Cards

A playful and interactive experience exploring the history of the House of Stuart and the House of Hanover, commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces.

Incognito Society

Commissioned by UCL, a secret society to help students spark connections during lockdown.

Adventure 1

A set of adventures for the financial district of the City, exploring our relationship with the financial system and the financial crisis.

A Lovely Intervention

An intervention using play and gift-giving to help life play better for clients of Wandsworth Probation Service.

Codename: Violet

A playful intervention challenging the car industry, created by the Young Coneys with Greenpeace.

The Shadow of the Future

A interactive game about the Cold War for Key Stage 4 history students, at Imperial War Museums Duxford.

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