Have you ever dialled a wrong number…

…picked up an unexpected call, or received one that changed the course of your life?

How much potential do these simple devices – our telephones – hold? What do they tell us about our relationships, their fragility, the connections we experience, and the distances we travel?

Dial in and experience miraculous moments of connection. Hear stories that might somehow bring us together, across cities, countries, even hemispheres. No audience is ever the same, therefore no performance is either. You never know who you might miss…

Telephone has been performed over 30 times since 2020, including as part of Electric Dreams Festival and Voila Festival, and in partnership with Oxford Playhouse, Hampshire Cultural Trust, and Royal Holloway University.

“entrancing combination of storytelling and shared conversation”
★★★★  The Guardian

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“Not only thematically eloquent in the way it is exploring fragility, connection and distance, but […] also asking questions about what it means to be in a room and play together on Zoom. Coney are pushing at the boundaries of theatre and of technology.”

Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor

“A wonderful example of how technology like Zoom can be reimagined and used creatively […] Felt properly energised afterwards.”

Audience member

“Food for the soul.”

Audience member


Screenshot of a zoom call between two users, 'Coney' and 'You'.

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