What is the future of nature?

A storytelling game exploring our relationship with nature, played in teams over Zoom or in person.

Overgrown is a new game about the tangled relationship between humans and nature. Players collectively imagine the story of their local area over the coming decades. New animal species arrive, climate impacts hit, people come and go, and the world changes. We lose and we gain, and the future is always stranger than we expect.

Played in teams over Zoom or in person, Overgrown is a prompt for conversations about our relationship with nature and other species. Over the course of the game, players share their hopes and fears for the future, unpack the competing agendas at play in their region, and explore solutions and compromises.

Overgrown launched in June 2022 at the Festival of Nature, supported by the Natural History Consortium.

The show will be touring in 2023, please contact us to host future performances.