About the programme

Innovative formats of interactive play to reach public audiences wherever they are.

Our work in playspaces is for playing audiences everywhere. We create innovative and impactful formats of play combining remote, in-person and hybrid formats. Often, we use digital tools to connect people who couldn’t usually be in the room because of geography, access, or pandemic uncertainty. Our playful experiences use everyday tech, including smartphones, text messaging, phone calls, Zoom and Instagram.

We also experiment with new formats for immersive theatre and in-person play. We explore how live immersive formats can invite audiences to engage with complex topics in a personal and emotional way. By placing the audience at the centre of the storytelling, and offering the option to take a meaningful part, audiences can reflect and make positive changes in their lives, their communities, and the world.

Projects are made by teams assembled from our Guild of playmakers and our wider network, as well as a range of cross-sector partners, based across the UK and beyond. Past projects have been developed in partnership with National Theatre and Headlong, NERC scientists and the National History Museum, Oxford Playhouse, Hampshire Cultural Trust and Royal Holloway University.

Featured projects


A live, online and gently interactive storytelling piece exploring connection over distance.

How We Save The World

A compelling adventure through the past, prompting decisions about how we save the world from the effects of climate change. In collaboration with NERC.

After Life Experience

An online experience guiding you on a contemplative path through your most cherished memories, in collaboration with Headlong and National Theatre.