Young People Fam

About the programme

Play made for, by and with young people in and out of school, harnessing their creativity and empowering them to effect change in their communities. 

Our work in schools is a core feature of Coney’s offer to communities, in particular our local borough of Tower Hamlets. The programme focuses on listening to the passions of young people and what they want to change in the world, giving them the tools to speak to those they want to reach. Some might see it as play, some as activism – we see it as Playful Activism.

We’ve made projects that have taken place in the streets, online during the pandemic, and outside car industry galas. From heritage sites in East Anglia to the City of London’s Common Council, we’ve lent our skills to young people and enabled them to centre their own experiences in their creative projects. We also offer The Young Coneys Training Programme to schools, and create playful resources and classroom adventures for all ages. These are always designed with young people’s needs and passions in mind.

We partner with organisations across the country, including The National Archives, The National Trust & Alexandra Palace. Bespoke projects focus on creating fun, interactive and unique experiences that bring young people and families closer to the organisation’s work, whilst facilitating meaningful engagement with the issues our partners champion.

Featured projects

Explore our projects with schools:

Nature Corridor Protectors

A smartphone adventure for families exploring urban green spaces and local wildlife in King’s Lynn.

A purple stencil Young Coney logo on a white background

Young Coneys Training Programme

A free workshop series for Year 5 classes, focusing on youth empowerment and social change.

The Undercover CareTaker Agency

An interactive classroom adventure for primary school students to explore mental health and wellbeing.

The Ministry of Time Travel

A series of playful adventures created at The National Archives for young people & families.

Photograph of a wooden box with letters and images spray painted onto it.

Barbican Box

A playful educational resource for schools in Manchester and Harlowe, commissioned by the Barbican.

Common Ground: Playtest

A Norfolk & Norwich Festival 250 Project connecting young people with their local heritage through the arts.