Young People Fam
Play made for, by and with young people in schools, harnessing their creativity and empowering them to affect change in their world.

Our schools programme is a core feature of Coney’s offer to communities, in particular our local borough of Tower Hamlets. The programme focuses on listening to the passions of young people and what they want to change in the world, and giving them the tools to speak to those they want to reach.

Some might see it as play, some as activism – we see it as Playful Activism.

Primary schools

We work directly with six primary schools in our local borough of Tower Hamlets to offer projects for young people. Our primary school programme includes:

  • The Young Coneys: our local youth programme for Year 5s, focussing on youth empowerment and social change through play.
  • The Undercover CareTaker Agency (UCA)a series of teacher-led interactive adventures to spark conversation on important topics in the classroom.
Learn about the Young Coneys Learn about UCA

Secondary schools

Our secondary school programme includes:

  • The Climate Agency Boxa collaboration between Coney and Greenpeace offering secondary school students creative tools to take meaningful climate action at their school, and develop resilience to eco-anxiety.
  • The Barbican Box: a playful educational resource for schools in Manchester and Harlowe, created in partnership with The Barbican, Harlow Playhouse and HOME Manchester.
Learn about The Climate Agency Box Learn about The Barbican Box
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