The Young Coneys are a group of young people who make play to spark change for others, especially grown-ups.

The first episode of the Young Coneys News Network, with their stories of lockdown living.

The current Young Coneys are a crackly and creative group of 44 local young change-makers, aged between 7-13. They’re offered a rolling education in play, giving them the opportunity to nurture their individual superpowers and use their creativity to change the world.

A young change maker is someone who on their own, or as part of a team, tries to inspire others with power, energy, determination and spirit to make the world a better place. 
(p.s. can’t be over 30) 

– The Young Coneys’ definition of a Young Changemaker

Young Coneys contract

Being a member has a different impact on all of them, and when they come together they create something really special. They explore, they support one another and establish a space where they feel comfortable to play and be themselves.

Coney is very special to us… (Our daughter is selective mute due to anxiety issues and doesn’t talk at school). The way the Coney team talk to her is amazing, they’re really kind, genuinely interested and really listen to her ideas and opinions. Coney has given her a chance to do something just for her and given her opportunities she will always remember.

– Ursula, parent of Bo

We meet the Young Coneys regularly in workshops led by expert artists and makers, developing their creative skills and specialisms. The workshops are driven by the Young Coneys’ passions and interests, exploring the change they want to spark in the world through play. Through workshops, trips and one-off projects, they tell us what they think about the world – as the future voices of Coney, heard now.

The Young Coneys are supported by The Backstage Trust, and many generous individual donors.

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