The Play Of You



With the help of one of our more playfully mysterious associates, Coney can make adventure-gifts for you or for someone close to you. These are gifts which are adventures taking place in the life of the recipient, completely bespoke for them, and played by them and friends and family. These gifts can also be made to reflect or facilitate positive life changes, inspired by our social impact practice like A Lovely Intervention.

Some adventure-gifts made include:


The Ulyssey

An adventure-gift commissioned for a significant birthday of the commissioner’s partner, also reflecting on a possible major life change for the family.

…this adventure exceeded my expectations. I loved how inventive it was, how delightful it was, and how custom-made it was for X and his background. As for working with you on it, it was as much of an adventure for me! It was a real pleasure to get a view into your dark art, and to watch it all unfold. You did a brilliant job of incorporating not just me, but the whole family, plus strangers and new friends. And such a wonderful way to inspire new ways of thinking about something that could be challenging! In sum, a delight. Thank you!


The Magic Quit

A gift made to help the recipient quit smoking, which they did successfully.

…what feels most important was the fact each game was taking place here for this reason and with these people playing, and how it invested my family in the mission of me quitting – but in a way which was lovely and not pressured. And how much it felt motivating knowing that this had all been made for me.


To talk to us about a possible adventure-gift, please give us a knock.