December 2011

Take my hand…do you trust me?

Wanted: Intrepid souls to embark on a unique and intimate journey made especially for you. Welcome to an experience that will trip you down the rabbit hole. 

Are you inquisitive? What happens next is up to you…

The Adventure Principle was a piece for small groups of playing audience, made together with Contact Young Actors Company


The Adventure Principle inspired Coney’s project with Dublin Youth Theatre in 2012, RSVP.

Coney worked with Contact Young Actors Company in a commission by Contact Theatre. The idea was to investigate the principle of adventure that is at the heart of Coney’s ethos, and turn this into a piece of theatre that would test an audience with their own expectations and ideas about what adventure might mean in their everyday lives. We were also interested to explore the real uncertainties in the situation for an audience, especially if they could trust a young performer doing their best to unsettle them subtly. Our acting company presented themselves as a new youth company called Reciprocate, testing and then leading the audience into challenges all over the Contact building, before turning their experience on its head.

Our intention was to tour The Adventure Principle to make a new version in each place with an acting company of young people. We went to Dublin with that intention but quickly realised that the constraints of place, company and logistics alongside new opportunities meant we needed to make an entirely new piece, which became RSVP.




8 - 10 Dec 2011

Contact, Manchester


Created by Coney, Contact and CYAC.

Coney was here represented by Dan Canham and Tassos Stevens.

Directors: Dan Canham and Tassos Stevens
Writing contributions: Chris Thorpe
Ear: Annette Mees
Designer: Nerissa Cargill-Thompson
Assistant Director: Afreena Islam
Stage Manager: Elise Avery
Project Manager for Contact: Steve Vickers
Company: Anna Spearpoint
, Charlie Gooding
, Chrissy Jones, 
Emma Obita, 
Francesca Smith
, George Oluyinka
, Holly Mazur
, Jack Egan, 
James Maina
, Jamil Keating, 
Jason Cameron, 
Rico Kurzweil
, Romanita Alexeev
, Roxanne Browne, 
Ruby Sevink-Johnston
, Sinèad McQuillan
, Sytannia Cox.