Imagine the very worst day possible at secondary school- so bad you end up blowing up reality and turning your school into Nightmare High, populated with zombie prefects, carnivorous canteens, and a roving mongoose. Can you fix reality?


In November 2012 Nightmare High won a BAFTA in the Interactive category at the Children’s awards 2012. Play Nightmare High right now at

Coney collaborated with Somethin’ Else and Player Three on a commission from Channel 4 Education to make a digital project for young teenagers about resilience through big life changes, especially the transition in moving from primary school to secondary school. We’d previously researched the impact of transition between schools, talking to parents, teachers, and students across the UK and looked at resilience for SuperMe.

We led research in schools all over the UK talking to 11-year-olds about their experiences of transition and amalgamated this with our previous research, player-centred and theoretical, to produce a set of nuggets to help build the game and its story. We also collaborated on the design of the games and the direction of the story, aided by brilliant discussions with our student collaborators about the archetypes roving their playgrounds (and some remarkable drawings by them too).


Coney was here represented by Tom Bowtell, Glyn Cannon and Tassos Stevens.

From the full list of makers
Associate Producer & Psychology Consultant: Tassos Stevens
Game Design: Paul Bennun, Jo Roach, Tassos Stevens & Tom Bowtell
Audience Research: Tassos Stevens, Tom Bowtell & Glyn Cannon